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We developed GUARDIAN® technology to enable specialist industry service providers and expert facilities and compliance managers to provide an enhanced service provision to their customers and reduce operational costs


GUARDIAN hardware is a combination of hub and nodes

Hub is mains powered and can communicate with up to 50 nodes when in range

All nodes are supplied with 3 temperature sensors

Nodes are battery powered, with lifetime in excess of 3 years in normal operation

Nodes have a survey mode to enable user to check range and function within each facility prior to installation

Communication between nodes and hub is via LoRa private network

Node system can be expanded at any time  and will communicate via existing hubs

Nodes will communicate via any in range hub


Data is measured by nodes once per minute

Data is transferred 4 times per hour to the cloud based Plexus Innovation portal securely via GSM 2G/3G/4G modem

Data feeds include max/min temperatures and event frequency within a user defined period


Data can be viewed either at the Plexus Innovation portal via secure user sign on, or via third party platform or users existing BMS


Live data is available via the Plexus Innovation portal for 6 months and archived for 7 years to ensure compliance audit trail


Can handle and process data from nodes with a mixture of end applications (temperature, pressure and light) simultaneously

Mains powered

Option for solar PV and battery if used in an

off-grid location


All users are provided with access to Plexus Innovation portal


Full user training is provided by the knowledgable team at Plexus Innovation

Training can be in-house at user site, remote via video conferencing or via our easy to follow 'how-to' videos

Once trained, users will typically survey sites and install hardware independently

If preferred, Plexus Innovation offer installation support which ranges from complete site set up to remote video consultation during user install process

Several user queries are answered in the FAQ section of the site, however the Plexus Innovation team enjoy interaction with users and is always happy to help with any

user issues

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