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Ian Murray and Steve Todd, directors of Plexus Innovation, are successfully rolling out their innovative GUARDIAN® technology.

GUARDIAN® is a remote, automated measurement and alert system that focuses on environmental data including temperature. Ideal in reducing the risk of legionella and ensuring temperature in water or refrigeration units is at an optimum level to protect health, Plexus Innovation’s technology comprises of a combination of hardware, with remote monitoring software.

Ian and Steve both have a background in technology, innovation and product development, with a passion for bringing new exciting solutions to the market place.

This allowed them to see that remote technology could overcome many challenges, including data overload and compliance. They knew that the technology would need to be cost effective and easy to use.

GUARDIAN® was born and now Plexus Innovation is on a mission to make remote technology in the services industry the norm, rather than niche. 

As technology heroes, the Plexus Innovation team focuses on the science that they excel in, which in turn allows others to do their job better!

Ian and Steve are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Disruptor of the Year Award 2021 for the North East finals of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

They find out later this year if they have been successful!

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