Plexus Innovation has forged links with Careline Lifestyles to take one of the job’s pressures off the nursing team at a time that is intense in the industry.


Ian Murray and Steve Todd, directors of Plexus Innovation, are successfully rolling out its innovative GUARDIAN® technology. They were keen, during such unprecedented times, that a care company benefitted with no initial cost implications.


GUARDIAN® is a remote, automated measurement and alert system that focuses on environmental data including temperature. Ideal in reducing the risk of legionella and ensuring temperature in water or refrigeration units is at an optimum level to protect health, Plexus Innovation’s technology comprises of a combination of hardware, with remote monitoring software.


Plexus Innovation supplied training to Careline Lifestyle staff, enabling the user to simply plug in and activate the hardware in seconds, putting the data live onto the portal managed by the experienced team at Plexus Innovation. Provided initially for free, the arrangement covers nine of Careline Lifestyle’s homes across the North East.


GUARDIAN® is now monitoring 37 measurement points, including medical fridges and ambient room temperatures, which must be kept at compliant levels. Ian said:


“GUARDIAN® is cost effective, reliable and reduces risk. We are delighted to be remotely monitoring for Careline, where lack of compliance can be of detriment to medications, dispensed to the people they care for.


“Previously these critical assets would be checked manually, which leaves room for human error when people are busy or under pressure. Using GUARDIAN® the nurses can get on with looking after the people in their care and not worry about this detail. Our system identifies compliance issues, enabling us to keep clients informed, saving time, effort and often money!


“Plexus Innovation can really help and support much of the health, social housing, care and even the hospitality industry perfectly.”


Based in the North East, Careline Lifestyle is a leading independent provider of high quality nursing and residential care specialising in acquired brain injuries, neurological, mental health needs, learning and physical disabilities for persons over 18 years of age in addition to providing nursing, residential and social care for the elderly. Kirsty Nealis, Head of Care Delivery at Careline Lifestyles said:


“With the extra pressures brought about by COVID-19 we couldn’t be more grateful for this GUARDIAN® helping hand to ensure our compliance measurements are done quickly, properly and even better, remotely.


“We are always looking at innovative new ways to improve our services which frees up staff, allowing them more time to support our residents."


“Thank you to Ian and Steve of Plexus Innovation for the free installation and remote monitoring over these first few months of a new and trying challenge!”



believe housing, one of the largest housing associations in the North of England, has successfully implemented GUARDIAN® technology to keep their residents of 136 apartments across the region safe from the water born disease, Legionella.


Plexus Innovation, based in Durham, is the company behind this innovative technology. Their in-house team developed GUARDIAN®, a remote measurement and alert system, which they also manufacture in the UK. Managing Director, Ian Murray, said:


“It is rewarding to see believe housing leading the way by introducing our technology to their industry. Affordable housing providers are now seeing the benefits of using GUARDIAN® to ensure Legionella compliance, provide enhanced duty of care to tenants and reduce operational costs as it tracks and defines water usage and temperature profile of each outlet.”


The believe housing apartments are based in five buildings across County Durham. Compliance Officer for the organisation, Emma Jorgenson says that the system has shown them problems they wouldn’t have even known existed, which has convinced her the data reporting structure is extremely reliable. She said:


“We initially trialed GUARDIAN® on the recommendation of our water services provider, and after successful completion, we decided it was well worth investing in. The buildings we have fitted the technology in house vulnerable people over the age of 55, some who have underlying health conditions so it is our responsibility as landlords to ensure we are doing all we can to protect them.


“The technology was easy to install and the reporting system has been better than using traditional manual measurement. It has been particularly important during coronavirus lockdown, when we haven’t been able to access the properties ourselves, to have remote, digital measurement.


“It reduces the risk of human error and inconvenience to tenants, and clearly detects operational issues, reducing waste, saving money and allowing us to sort them before they are a problem.”


So far GUARDIAN® has alerted believe housing to issues including leaks, boiler problems and also that several tenants weren’t using their cold water taps. When investigated, it emerged that the cold water system had air in it, causing clouding to the cold water. The tenants didn’t trust that it was safe, even though it was fine to drink, but hadn’t reported it.


Chief Executive of believe housing, Bill Fullen, concluded:


“believe housing always puts the safety of our tenants first. Reduction of the risk of legionella is high on Emma and the compliance team’s list. The timing of installing GUARDIAN® meant we had remote and accurate readings that  ensured we had uninterrupted management of water compliance throughout the coronavirus lockdown.”



Plexus Innovation has expanded its team by appointing a dedicated sales manager who will be concentrating on assisting more care homes, social housing providers and hospitality providers gain access to a must-have remote monitoring solution.


Sufri Weithers has joined the company bringing with him an enviable track record in successful sales and business development roles in the region, specialising in digital technology and IT/AV solutions.


He has joined the ever-growing team at a crucial time as the company’s innovative product GUARDIAN® is poised to change the way organisations collect data for compliance forever.

Sufri, who is father to two and located in the North East, said:


“This was a unique opportunity to join a company at such a key time in its growth and development. Having recently secured a £400,000 investment, Plexus Innovation is now moving at a fast rate of knots supplying essential data to the care social housing and hospitality sectors.


“GUARDIAN® is a radical game changer highlighting business risk, ensuring on going compliance and reducing operational costs amongst its many benefits.”

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