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Good Fits To Resell GUARDIAN®...

Compliance Services

Companies who are supporting customers with the delivery of the activities that fall within compliance legislation with water hygiene and medical

fridge storage.

Compliance Consultancy

Consultants assisting clients to follow laws and regulations that apply to their business. including the design, implementation and monitoring of policies, training, procedures and practices.

Construction and Refitters

Architects or builders who wish to hand over buildings with real time, remote compliance management capability already installed, adding greater value to clients whilst increasing profit?

Facilities Management

Facilities Management experts in care homes, healthcare buildings, social housing, education and building where the public use water or refrigeration services.

Health and Safety

Consultants and agencies that assist companies to ensure that their health and safety policies are regularly reviewed and implemented to be certain that people are kept safe in their space.

Insurance Companies

Insurance Consultants who work with sectors where risk is a factor. Ideal where GUARDIAN® can enable premiums to be reduced due to minimising risk of legionella, scalding, flood damage or mould infestation.   

Cleaning Contractors

Cleaning services providers that go a step further to ensure that compliance is adhered to, especially with commercial water services, washrooms and kitchens. 

Environmental Consultants

Consultants who work with organisations who are on the road to Net Zero or are conscious of improving carbon footprint and improving their environmental impact positively.  

Change Management  Governance Experts

Expert consultant who put governance in place to ensure that best practice is occurring and that policies are in place, and adhered to in commercial and public buildings.

Benefits of working with Plexus Innovation

Do you want to offer your customers more added value? Would they appreciate a holistic approach that helps with their business challenges around compliance, as well reducing operational costs and freeing up manpower to be deployed to things that really matter?


Would you like to increase your own profit whilst ensuring that your projects or clients have greater environmental awareness and reduce their Carbon footprint?

By working with Plexus Innovation you can achieve all of this, and more....

GUARDIAN® brings significant business improvements, detecting many issues in buildings not otherwise possible, across many sectors including care, social housing, hospitality, education, and healthcare.

Monitoring real-time data while reducing risk, water waste, energy consumption and relieving pressure on human time, GUARDIAN® is a fabulous addition to what you already offer. 

And if there is an environmental saving aspect to your brief, you will bring a previously unthought of solution to your client. This solution adds great value to your clients as GUARDIAN® does much more including identifying taps left running, water leaks, water heaters under stress and failing assets, enabling early intervention to be taken before a situation becomes a crisis. A real plus point and confidence builder in your business relationships.

We offer an attractive return, full training and an ongoing relationship that benefit both parties, and your clients.


Get in touch today to take that first step in adding GUARDIAN® to your customer solutions!

Join the Plexus Innovation Team as a Reseller or Become a Valued Partner
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