GUARDIAN® comes with a whole support package courtesy of the team at Plexus Innovation


The team at Plexus Innovation offer a full support package. They use their expertise in technology to make your life and job easier when it comes to monitoring and measuring for compliance 

We offer a full package where training is given and assistance is on the other end of the phone any time of day or night. Our technology monitors 24/7 and our reports reflect what you need to see 

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Commonly Asked Questions About GUARDIAN®

How Many nodes can be supported by each hub?

Up to 50 nodes (150 sensors/measurement points. To expand, simply add another node 


Can I add more nodes later?

Yes, up to the limits of the existing hub(s)


What frequency does the system use?

All communications via the nodes and hub are carried out via a secure LoRa private network, established by the system once installed. 868MHz, is the standard for Europe and many other regions. Other frequencies available are 915MHz and 433MHz to enable compliance with all current international standards


How long do node batteries last?

This depends on several factors but typically model N1 nodes, with three sensors and measuring every minute, will last 3 years before they require changing. N1/F node batteries will have a lifetime more than10 years


What happens if the battery runs out?

Battery status is reported via the Plexus Innovation Portal, so will indicate if a replacement is imminently required

If the battery dies, data will stop being measured until a replacement is installed. Plexus Innovation can supply replacement batteries for user installation. Plexus Innovation also offer a return to base service for battery replacement or node exchange

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Here is some information from our marketing suite, with information on how each industry can use GUARDIAN®. We are adding more industries constantly so do check back if yours isn't here yet. 

We also have a case studies page with restricted access, so if you would like to download more information, please email us for the passcode.

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