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A remote measurement technology provider has identified a way for care providers to free up more staff time to look after residents, whilst solving business and compliance challenges including the prevention of wastage of prescription medication.

The Plexus Innovation team is offering Quality4Care customers a free demonstration of how simple adjustments to certain tasks will help them improve significantly in several crucial areas of business.

GUARDIAN® removes problems and risks associated with water system compliance management. It’s also established as positively impactful in solving a range of other challenges faced by care providers, including prevention of prescription medication waste.

Following a Sunday Express article exposing that millions of pounds of drugs were discarded because of NHS fridges not kept at constant temperature, GUARDIAN® is proving a winning solution. The article revealed that 30 Trusts over 3 years had 237 incidents, adding up to the loss of vital medicine worth over £2m. This prompted Plexus Innovation to question how much is wasted by other cold storage users such as care providers. Or worse, administered when it has not been stored safely.

Plexus Innovation’s managing director, Ian Murray, said:

“We’ve spoken to care providers who admit they’d benefit from reassurance that prescription medication is constantly maintained at optimum safe temperatures. They also know their manual management of water system compliance is not the best it could be, leaving them and residents vulnerable.

“We are working with a growing number of care providers and the positive impact we are having is proving to be significant, giving a return on the small amount of time invested to make the change.”

GUARDIAN® is a remote, automated, measurement alert system that focuses on environmental data including temperature. Ideal in reducing risk of legionella and ensuring temperature of water or refrigerators and freezers is at an optimum level to protect health. The technology comprises of hardware, with remote monitoring software. It benefits care providers by monitoring in real-time, enhancing business compliance, relieving pressure on human time allowing the team to focus on the residents and patients. In addition, GUARDIAN® can also identify and alert to taps left running, water leaks, water heaters under stress and failing assets - enabling early intervention to be taken before a situation becomes a crisis.

You can watch a 2 minute GUARDIAN® animation for the care industry by clicking here. You can find out more at / / 0191 9223969

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