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  • Ian Murray

Low-Cost Remote Technology Evaluation for Housing Digital Members and visitors to Housing 2022

Following recent success of pilot programs with a controlled number of social housing providers, Plexus Innovation is now able to offer all members of Housing Digital and those who visit their stand B69 at Housing 2022, a low-cost opportunity to evaluate remote technology in their own organisations.

If you are a social housing provider who is challenged with reducing risk of human error, operational costs, water waste, energy consumption and environmental impact then GUARDIAN® is a remote technology that you should take a closer look at.

As a stakeholder of Housing Digital, Plexus Innovation is keen to continually grow the positive impact they are having in the sector, so they are offering a low-cost option with no long-term commitment, that allows housing providers to evaluate the impact of remote technology and build a business case for wider implementation for themselves.

100% of the social housing providers to take up this pilot opportunity so far are now in the process of implementing wider portfolio installation. Sovereign Housing, Loreburn Housing Association and Selwood Homes all had mutual challenges, but in addition had individual business reasons for considering the introduction of GUARDIAN® technology.

Ranging from issues with integrity of manual compliance data and adequate asset flushing to issues with water system condition and access to properties, the three all had problems that Plexus Innovation knew GUARDIAN® could overcome. Now that they have demonstrated the benefits they required, all have confirmed orders to implement GUARDIAN® across their facility portfolio. Here is what they had to say:

"We are now looking at rolling out implementation further - there's plenty more to come." "We are saving up to five days a month on admin resource…and have the support of our executive team."

“It now has the full support of our entire team and executive board, and we look forward to rolling it out across the rest of our properties in the next two years.”

“Helped to support us on our journey to Net Zero by identifying that our water heaters were operating inefficiently. It highlighted three hot assets that were short of the compliant temperatures that were a potential scald risk. We can instruct our remedial team more quickly to go and fix the issues picked up.”

“It was so easy to install…”

“We went into the pilot to automate our water flushing and legionella compliance as much as possible, we get weekly reports which we find valuable and remove the need to process admin heavy data reporting. We are now only flushing those assets that are required, reducing time that technicians are open outlets. The data gives us a better understanding of our TMV performance and whether there is a scalding risk – we had quite a few highlighted that we had no idea about.”

For just £500, Plexus Innovation will work with you to understand your challenges and identify the optimum facility for pilot evaluation. The pilot program will include installation of a Hub and up to five Nodes to enable assets to be remotely monitored. In addition, access to the dashboard along with appropriate training, plus scheduled reports and alerts is included. This will run for up to 12 weeks, which provides ample opportunity to demonstrate benefits and develop a wider business case.

More information on GUARDIAN® is available by visiting and you can contact us to discuss further on


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