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Meet Kevin Belben

We have expanded our team to deliver an ambitious commercial strategy that will allow even more organisations to benefit.

Kevin Belben has joined Plexus Innovation as Commercial Manager. He brings with him over eight years’ experience in the water systems remote technology sector, along with a background in business support, property and telecoms.

Working closely with Plexus Innovation’s Managing Director Ian Murray, Technical Director Steve Todd and Antonia Brindle in marketing, Kevin will be concentrating on building commercial awareness and have a customer account focus.

Using his industry insight, as he is well connected especially in water hygiene services, Kevin will be introducing an ever-growing amount of people to GUARDIAN® technology and building further awareness of its many benefits. Kevin, who is from Cheshire, will be fulfilling a UK wide role. He said:

“Plexus Innovation really appealed to me as my next career move as the team and I share the same ethics and drivers to help organisations to do things differently, to do them better.

“GUARDIAN® provides a whole host of solutions including reducing risk, reducing costs, and improving business performance along of course, with improving environmental performance which is rightly growing in importance. The technology and customer service are seamless and owned wholly by Plexus Innovation, giving great scope for the future. It is a very positive time to join, at the beginning of their driven aspiration for large growth.”

Kevin impressed the existing, professional team by displaying his passion to join them and Ian Murray says it is clear he is looking forward to making a significant impact. Ian added:

“We have found a strong addition to our team in Kevin. With his objective to grow the existing customer base as well as working with new potential clients, Kevin will be well placed to develop remote technology across a range of market sectors, alongside myself and Steve.

“We share the same desire to generate awareness, grow understanding and make implementation of our IoT remote technology a must-have compliance and wider business improvement solution using data driven insight gained from real time measurement of parameters including temperature, CO2 and humidity.”

Married to Sam, with 17-year-old daughter Sadie, outside of work Kevin can be found walking dog Buster, spending time with family, enjoying motorsport and cars or out and about mountain biking. He concluded:

“GUARDIAN® is a highly innovative product that enables a wide range of benefits across multiple sectors in user friendly and adaptable ways. The benefits the IoT solution brings are much needed and I am excited to expand the market’s knowledge of this essential product and grow Plexus Innovation’s portfolio.”

As part of the recent growth of the company, an animation has been developed that explains GUARDIAN® and its benefits across several sectors including social housing, care homes, hospitality, healthcare, education and more. It can be watched by clicking here.

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