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  • Ian Murray

Plexus Innovation Gains Hat Trick of Accreditation

Plexus Innovation, the company behind IoT remote monitoring solution GUARDIAN®, is proud to announce that fast on the heels of achieving accreditation for ISO 27001:2013, the team has now been awarded ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 too.

This achievement goes further to re-enforcing existing and new customer confidence in the Plexus Innovation team, the company’s quality ethos and the system performance of GUARDIAN®. Adding to ISO 27001, the international standard that describes best practices for its Information Security Management System, the company’s new accreditations certify its Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015) and its Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015).

Andrea Drakulic, operations manager successfully delivered the certification project, which involved every team member along the way. She has a background in global security and was keen to demonstrate that quality is being achieved on every level. She said:

"At Plexus Innovation it is key to our team, our customers and our stakeholders that we have the best possible systems in place that reassure and guarantee a quality approach

“Our commitment to the ISO certifications highlights the gravity we place on our obligation to give the best service and be the best provider of remote monitoring technology. We are delighted to have achieved these standards and will drive the continuous improvements further throughout our team and our products.”

The company’s GUARDIAN® technology remotely measures temperature, pulses, humidity, and CO2, allowing clients to manage water systems, cold chain storage and refrigeration, enabling insight-driven decisions, reduction of energy use and provision of real-time data for use in compliance reporting.

The system also provides automated alerts to highlight potential health risks or failing assets that otherwise may be overlooked. It is an innovative proprietary product that addresses legislative issues, pushing compliance and asset management into the 21st Century. GUARDIAN® is attracting high profile clients focused on improved compliance management, sustainability, business improvement and delivering better service to their own customers.

Steve Todd, technical director at Plexus Innovation, said:

“A huge thank you and well done to Andrea and the team for this latest achievement. We already work to stringent standards, but it was becoming increasingly important to demonstrate that with certifications. It gives customers ongoing peace of mind, and means we keep up with the most up to date compliance in our field. As market leaders in remote technology that is crucial.

“The ISO 14001:2015 demonstrates our commitment to continually improving our environmental performance, which is what we help many clients do too with the installation of GUARDIAN®. Meanwhile ISO 9001:2015 enables us to be confident we are managing our processes and systems well, in order that customer and other stakeholder requirements can be achieved.”

If you are challenged with reducing risk of human error, operational costs, water waste, energy consumption or environmental impact, and want to work with a company that takes your security, quality and environmental commitments as seriously as you do, then GUARDIAN® is a must-have technology for your organisation.

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