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  • Ian Murray

Plexus Innovation to Present at the IPS Product Surgery

Kevin Belben, commercial manager of Plexus Innovation, is pleased to be confirmed as a presenter representing the company with GUARDIAN® at the next IPS event, which is being held to support members.

The event, on 28th March 2022, is part of a rolling programme aimed at corporates and commercial organisations that work in the HCAI-related space. The mission is to help those Healthcare Associated Infection professionals better understand effective technologies and explore associated commercial opportunities in the NHS.

GOJO is sponsoring this event, where Kevin will outline the strengths of Plexus Innovation’s GUARDIAN® remote technology in protecting patients and reducing contact, therefore reducing the risk of infection further.

GUARDIAN® is a remote, automated measurement and alert system that focuses on measuring and monitoring temperature in water systems and fridges, CO2 and humidity, reducing risk, water and medication waste, energy consumption; and relieving pressure on human time.

GUARDIAN® is now a well proven IoT remote measurement solution in the healthcare arena and it has demonstrated its ability to enable significant business improvements whilst protecting people.

Kevin Belben said:

“This meeting will provide the right organisations with the opportunity to meet a panel of senior professionals to discuss technical, scientific and procurement-related aspects of emerging and existing technology. I am excited to present GUARDIAN® on behalf of Plexus Innovation and show the positive impact our remote technology can have on reducing the risk of infection whilst adding to a positive patient care experience.”

IPS (Infection Prevention Society) supports and inspires practitioners by providing the resources, education and networking opportunities they need to become world leading infection specialists.

Each surgery on the day will last for 45 minutes, with verbal feedback provided on the day. More information is available at

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