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Are you an NHS or specialist healthcare provider who would benefit from having confidence in your cold storage for medicine and in knowing your water system is monitored 24/7? Would your customers or patients benefit from monitoring your cold store and water system 24/7? If so, GUARDIAN® is for you. 


As well as ensuring that your compliance management is the best it can be and giving duty of care to your patients and prescription customers, GUARDIAN® will also:

  • Reduce the risk posed by human error.

  • Reduce the risk of legionella

  • Reduce wastage of water and associated energy

  • Reduce medication waste.

  • Reduce operational costs.

  • Reduce environmental impact.

  • Identify failed/failing assets to enable early intervention.

  • Detect many other issues, otherwise not possible.

  • Track and define usage profile for each asset.

  • Typically provide return on investment within12 months.

  • Enable insight-driven decision making


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