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  • Ian Murray

Are You Struggling With Compliance?

An article in Inside Housing this week focuses on the fact that there are a significant number of landlords struggling with compliance. The article, penned by property surveyor Lee Woods, talks about what social housing landlords can do to prepare for building safety compliance regulatory changes.

Talking through the changes due over the next 18 months, Woods discusses core compliance areas including gas, electrics, fire, asbestos and legionella.

We work with a number of social housing providers who use our product GUARDIAN® to improve compliance for their water systems, hence reducing risk of not just legionella but many other associated issues.

Social housing providers that are using GUARDIAN® are doing things differently, but they are also doing things better. Here is just some of the benefits they are experiencing:

  • Real time understanding of asset and compliance status across properties, enabling insight driven decisions.

  • Monthly, weekly, or even daily compliance reporting without any requirement for access.

  • Reduced missed visits or errors associated with manual measurements.

  • Identification of failed, or failing, assets via our alert system enabling early/preventative maintenance.

  • Identification and alert of potential legionella and scald risks.

  • Identification and alert to taps left running and/or leaks as well as many other issues not otherwise possible.

If you are a social housing provider you can read Inside Housing's article by clicking here. You can get in touch with us by clicking here - email us to book a free demonstration and find out how we can help your journey to Net Zero and reduce your compliance struggle!

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