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  • Ian Murray

GUARDIAN® Is A Perfect Business Solution For Universities Too....

We know how seriously University and Educational establishments take making regular improvements and keeping up with changes in the industry, to ensure enhanced compliance for the safety of students and staff.

Does this list of challenges and issues sound familiar to you?

• Difficulty in gaining access to student properties and facilities to take manual compliance measurements. • Desire to remove monthly inconvenience to students and staff, associated with manual compliance measurements and flushing regimes across your campus.

• Desire to reduce the risk and concern regarding manual compliance measurements and flushing being carried out inaccurately or not at all. • Desire to minimise the Carbon footprint associated with manual compliance measurement at properties across fragmented geography. • Desire to reduce water and energy waste associated with manual compliance measurement and inaccurately defined flushing regimes.

• Desire to accurately monitor C02 levels in teaching environment and to receive alerts if levels exceed your designated safe limits. • Gain a real time understanding of asset performance and condition. • Remove admin burden and drive compliance management digital. • Desire to reduce operational costs and improve tenant wellbeing.

At Plexus Innovation we have heard the same recurring list during many conversations and we are already helping to solve them with GUARDIAN®, our remote monitoring and alert solution, enhancing compliance and assisting with detailed identification of data.

Typical benefits for users include: • Real time understanding of asset and compliance status across campus and student accommodation, which enables you to make insight driven decisions. • Monthly, weekly or even daily compliance reporting without any requirement for access. • No issues with missed visits or errors associated with manual measurements. • Identification of failed, or failing assets to enable early/preventative maintenance. • Identification of boilers that can be optimised and reduce your energy costs. • Identification and alert of potential scald risks. • Identification and alert to taps left running and/or leaks. • Identification of little used outlets requiring flushing and tracking of flushing.

• Real time recording of C02 levels and alerts when they exceed your designated limits.

• Return on your investment, rather than paying 'dead' money for manual compliance service.

If you work at a university or educational establishment, then do get in touch to organise a free demonstration!

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